Planning the Girls’ Bedroom

I have been a bit of a wimp when it comes to the girls’ bedroom – it’s mainly because I don’t trust the big one not to keep waking the little one up but basically at the moment, they’re in separate rooms. The baby’s cot is in my office, which won’t work in the long-run and my big girl has reached the grand old age of 28 months and I still haven’t de-cotted her – she seems happy enough and hasn’t worked out she can climb out so that’s OK right? However, this doesn’t stop me fantasising about my DREAM bedroom for them.

dream bedroom

Probably my DREAM bedroom for the girls.

I love the posts that Clare from accidentally, kle posts about her children’s bedrooms. Her ideas are wonderful and I totally wish I had that kind of imagination. I also spend far too much time looking through Pinterest boards dedicated to perfect children’s bedrooms. To be honest the Pinterest boards leave me feeling pretty crap – I’m not going to achieve anything like that.

At the moment my big girl’s’ room is pretty well organised, she has a cheapie canvas covered wardrobe and rattan drawers for all her clothes and her bookcases and that’s about it. It isn’t very inspired or co-ordinated and when I put the girls together I want to have made more of an effort. I’m not sure when the coming together will be! Perhaps when she is in her bed and out of the cot as the idea of two cots in one room is quite a logistical nightmare. I think Andy might murder me if I ask him to take down and rebuild either of the cots again.

I’ve been thinking about bunk beds for when they’re really grown too, I’m excited for when they can both be in proper beds, although that’s pretty much wishing their lives away. Being neurotic I’ve also been Googling horror stories about children falling out of bunk beds just to terrify myself but then there’s quite a lot of useful information out there too. It may be a long way off but there are some really gorgeous and affordable beds at FADS Online which are on my wishlist. I know I’m planning waaay in advance but perhaps by the time littlest is in a proper bed, the big one will be big enough to manage a top bunk? Let me know if you have bunk beds and at what ages!

I also need inspiration for decorating and personalising a bedroom without being able to decorate as obviously we rent and I’m not sure the landlord would be pleased if I started painting the walls lime green, I SO want to though.

Inspirational interior folk give me hints and tips!