Operation Actually Finishing Girls’ Bedroom

The time has come. I have gone on about it before but now it’s actually happening – by the end of the month (I hope, if I get a little help sorting it) my girl’s will be in their shared bedroom. I go officially back to work with full childcare in place on September 16th so the cot has got to be out of my office by then.

Girls bedroom bedI talked at length about planning the girl’s bedroom before but have basically forgone all my suggestions and decisions from then and opted to get a single bed with drawers for the eldest (pictured). We chose this simply because the underbed storage is so so useful in a room where there isn’t much storage space as yet. I’m hoping most of her clothes will fit under the bed and then we can take out a couple of the drawer sets from the room to make it seem a bit more like the girls’ bedroom and less like a large closet.

I’ve spent the last week (since the bed arrived) trying to sort out everything she may need. Our house is awash with piles of new bedding, pillows, there’s a brand new mattress sitting folded up on my landing and I just can’t wait for it all to be done and feel like we have a normal house back!

To make matters worse the futon which is taking the place of the cot in the office has now arrived so my hall has become part-trolley park part-warehouse!

I’m hoping to add some more personal touches to the bedroom once everything essential is in. My mum bought us some fantastic wall decals before my eldest was even born so really should do something with them and I have yet to put up the baby’s matching wooden letters to the big one’s from Hollyberry Boutique.

As I’ve said before the internet is completely packed to death with examples of beautiful interiors and stunning children’s bedrooms and if I can achieve an inch of that I’ll be happy. Watch this space – there WILL be photos when the room is finally complete.


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