I like stationery. I know it’s ‘trendy’ to do so at present, there’s not a person you’ll find who doesn’t admit to a semi-secret love of the stuff. I’ve always loved it, as have many people I’m sure, and my love knows no bounds. I have been known to spend whole gift vouchers in just the notebook section of John Lewis and I’m not allowed near Paperchase when there’s a sale on.  I’ve wittered about my notebook love so when the people behind the Parragon Book Buddy scheme asked if I fancied reviewing some of their new stationery, was there any chance I was going to say no? (obviously not).

I completely forgot I’d agreed to review this awesome stuff so was most pleased when both a beautiful journal and a pack of sticky notes arrived from the new Life Canvas Paris collection:

PlusI must admit immediately I am not a huge fan of Paris, I have visited and don’t have amazing memories but it might have been because I was looking in the wrong places. I LOVE the history of the Moulin Rouge for examples and perhaps should try and go back to Paris one day and enjoy it for what it really is. Anyway, that’s besides the point, I absolutely adore this notebook, it’s firmly placed in the heart of my collection and each page features a different scene. The blurb on the Parragon website describes it as a ‘practical journal to capture to-do lists, shopping lists, things to remember, or just moments of sheer inspiration that need to be recorded!’ I just don’t think I could bear to write something as mundane as a shopping list on any of its pretty pages (see below) so it will be saved for best (when the next novel idea comes along or even solely for poetry, you never know).

Spot the Moulin Rouge

Spot the Moulin Rouge

DSC07885Of all the pages of this book, my favourites were those featuring balloons. They reminded me of a book I read in primary school, The Great Round The World Balloon Race, which has the most beautiful illustrations by Sue Scullard and the balloons on the pages of this journal reminded me of that. The book begins in Paris if I remember rightly so it’s quite a fun link, I really wish I could find my copy of that book, I really loved it.

On top of the beautiful journal, which I will use, I promise, there were the Mini Sticky Notes, once again balloons feature amongst other Parisian-themed images from bicycles to dogs (?!). I’m not big on using sticky notes but with my rubbish memory and the fact that I should really be working from my office and not my sofa, I should probably use this as the impetus to get going and START using them, plus they’re so lovely to look at, that’s almost reason enough!



My two offerings from the Life Canvas Paris collection are part of a much larger range, all of which I now covet and is shown off brilliantly in this video:

Now all I want next is some more cities covered – Berlin and Dublin would make me happy!

If I haven’t made it obvious enough, I was sent these two items from Parragon in exchange for an honest review, which this is.