Preschool Favourites

I suppose I shouldn’t really be writing about my favourite Julia Donaldson books (yes, I only mentioned it on Saturday but I’m doing it already). I should probably, actually focus on the children but hey, I found a new love when I made them and it’s a hugely popular one. I challenge any mother to not have a favourite Julia Donaldson book and if not, why not? We love her here and my favourites definitely differ from the girls, from what I can tell anyway!

I haven’t read all Julia Donaldson’s books, there are bloody mountains of the things and her name often appears in unexpected places too but anyway, of the books we have read here are my definite top five, there is no order though. Apologies in advance to the Gruffalo, you are loved by all but you’re not my favourite.

What the Ladybird Heard

I love love love love What the Ladybird Heard. We must have read it 4500 times and each time I love it as much as the last. I think it’s the rhyme scheme above everything else and the pace at which it can be read. Oooh and the pictures, of course. Lydia Monks is brilliant!



Tabby McTat

Probably the sweetest of Julia Donaldson’s picture books read to date. I love the relationship between the cat and the homeless man (yes, I’m actually saying that). I also love that we have our own melody for the tune they sing together. We are that cool.




Stick Man

Theoretically just for Christmas but I don’t believe we ever read it during that time and I just once again fell for the rhyme scheme. Obviously reading aloud means it really helps if there’s a rhythm to follow (not that I can’t read normally but you know) and these are pitched just perfectly for me. I hate hate reading aloud and am self-conscious about it, even a little bit in front of the children for some reason so I’m much happier with a framework to stick to!


Monkey Puzzle

I love the incompetent butterfly beyond belief! One of the best characters Donaldson has ever created and really funny. Well, funny enough to get me chuckling which is good enough in this instance! We also have the audio CD version of this and the song is permanently stuck in my head and for some reason I don’t hate it.




A Squash and a Squeeze

This one is a bit like an old fable and I really enjoyed that aspect. Once again drawn in by awesome rhymes and humour. What’s not to love? I love the illustrations in this one, especially the expressions on the animals faces when they’re turfed out of the house.





Despite my going on about rhyme repeatedly here I just have to mention The Rhyming Rabbit is not one of my favourites and it’s the one that always has me groaning when my biggest girl picks it out. The rhymes all wrong rhyming rabbit!

What’s your favourite Julia Donaldson book…so far? Maybe I’ll be convinced to dig out even more and see if they can muscle their way into my top 5!