It’s centuries since I last did a library haul post, in fact it may never have happened anywhere except inside my head but here we are. We’re allowed up to 14 books from our library these days and as we’ve exhausted most of our little local library we went into one of my favourite places in the world instead – Central Library. I opted for 13 rather than 14, probably because I couldn’t be bothered looking for any more and we got some pretty interesting choices.

As always I found myself veering towards authors and illustrators I know and love but then it’s not about me it’s about them and Jessamy specified she wanted a Charlie and Lola Book. We couldn’t find one that wasn’t damaged unfortunately but we found something which seemed to be a good alternative. I’ve broken them into separate photos and groups ’cause I was bored and didn’t want to do anymore work so I decided to fiddle about instead. True dedication to the blogging cause that is.

DSC06858I have to be honest 1 & 2 from this group were chosen on the back of What the Ladybird Heard which may just be in our top five Julia Donaldson books (hey, there’s an idea for another post). Lydia Monks’ is brilliant so I’m sure Babbit will be and Tyannosaurus Drip looks fun. Books 3 & 4 were picked at random by Jessamy but the idea of Eleanor Won’t Share makes me laugh – maybe a lesson is there to be learned?


5 & 8, Lunchtime and Aunt Amelia, were chosen on the back of Rebecca Cobb’s Kate Greenaway Medal shortlisting – we haven’t had books by her before so and they look really sweet. 6 was chosen because I bought some Olivia book for my friend’s daughter (the party we went to last weekend) and I fell in love with Olivia the Pig and wanted to see what she gets up to in Venice! I hope the girls do too! Finally number 7, Hubert Horatio Bartle Bobton-Trent, is my Charlie and Lola compromise. It’s still Lauren Child and it’s quite a long story so I’m hoping it’ll be a chance to see how long Jess can actually engage!


The Frank Show appealed to me more than Jess, I think the illustrations in our 9th choice are just awesome. 10 was another of my choices as my awkward three-year old has decided she hates toothpaste so I thought The Boy Who Hated Toothbrushes was a good choice! I had to pick up 11 because I love Emily Gravett. To be honest I’m not sure Jess does as much as me, aside from Monkey and Me she’s not bothered about the other books we’ve had but Wolf Won’t Bite looks a bit more fun than the ones we’ve had in the past. Now, 12 is probably a match made in heaven. We (I) love Emily Gravett and there’s no disputing the popularity of Julia Donaldson in this house so in steps Cave Baby as our number 12, what could go wrong? The final book was another 100% Jess choice, I told her the title and she said she definitely wanted the ‘so cutie owl’ so there we go – I’m Not Cute completes the bunch.

Just to bore you further I’ll post a similar post to this with my Netgalley reading list – if I get around to it. I feel like if I write it down then I will definitely have to make sure I get through the mountain of titles I requested and didn’t expect to be approved for!