Lockheed SR 71 Blackbird engineThis is me joining in with a linky that I had heard of but never tried before. It’s the one and only Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I have heard good things, awesome things in fact, so yes, here is me getting involved and hopefully giving my blog the lift it needs. Though I love posting my book reviews there is more to my mind than that and so many more things I want to say. Here’s some of that.

From this week’s prompts I chose:

Your Least Favourite Subject At School

Now it may seem like a pretty boring thing to talk about and in some instances it is, being bored was half the reason it was my least favourite but it’s also a chance to talk about something else, something different!

Throughout school my Physics teacher was an apathetic bald guy called Mr. Gee. It wasn’t until my final year that I realised he wasn’t a complete monster and was basically, as I say, apathetic.

What is there to love about physics? Although mathematics doesn’t interest me either I found myself at home amongst algebra as there were letters involved and it was the physics-type mathematics I could not get my head around. Formulas with words and not letters are not my kind of thing.

I appreciate, kind of, that physics is essential for the world to work. I know the foundations of engineering lie in physics but I can’t make it stick. I don’t allow myself to think about how a car propels itself down the road or how a plane stays in the sky because I fear my brain may explode.

I am a facts person, facts and opinion. Social history and languages are where I felt comfortable, of course English sat somewhere in there too, so the pureness of physics defeated me and defeats me still! I can’t blame Mr. Gee though, I’m not convinced he particularly enjoyed physics either…

That didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted but there we go. Me getting involved again.

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