I dropped the Book Advent ball already but it’s not too late to salvage – I hope! We’ll just have three books in one today which is never a bad thing, just sad I couldn’t even manage to write a short post a day but then life has been a load of awfulness so meh. Here we’ll have a catch up of 3rd, 4th and 5th Book Advent Reads.

Book Three

The third book that was grabbed from her ‘tree’ was Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. I LOVE how old fashioned this book looks and despite that the story is still great and the illustrations are so sweet, in a menacing kind of way. We followed Rosie the hen on her little walk across the farm as she climbed hills, visited bee hives and eventually returned home. What’s brilliant thought is that unbeknownst to Rosie and not even in the text is what the pictures show. The FOX! There’s a big mean scary fox scampering after Rosie and although no word states it, he’s definitely after her for his dinner. However, as we follow the beautiful illustrations we soon see how the poor fox is met with so many obstacles he simply can’t catch up. Lucky Rosie!

Book Four

Our fourth book was another from our haul from Imagination Adventures. I chose this one because Baa Baa Black Sheep is by far my big girl’s favourite rhyme and she’s almost got all the words down. When I saw Baa Baa, as she calls him, on the front of Clare Beaton’s Farmyard Rhymes I knew it would be a hit. Most of the other rhymes within are a little less well known, although we definitely recognised a few (To market to market to buy a fat hog). They all went down really well and once it had been read to her she then took the book and reread it although each page was more of a ‘And the cow says MOO, the donkey says WHAT’ rather than the real words of course. A definite hit!

Book Five

Today (Day Five) took us to the end of our ‘top of the tree’ books – all the thick board books are gone and we’ll be moving onto normal, papery books from tomorrow. I hope they don’t get torn or ripped up but we seem to be mainly past that stage. So yes, we ended the top of the tree with The Odd Egg! It’s one of Emily Gravett’s books and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t think Emily Gravett is awesome. The only encounter we’ve had with her previously is Monkey and Me which she now reads without even opening the book now she loves it so much. The Odd Egg too is equally lovable as poor Duck doesn’t have an egg of her/his (?!) own but eventually finds one, very different to the usual eggs the other birds are used to. Eventually Duck’s egg hatches and there is a new baby “duck” on the scene!