I’ve introduced all you lucky people to the animal of this house before. As well as being grumpy, massive and hard work, it’s pretty obvious he’s super hairy. Rocky is not a dog for allergy sufferers.

I know there isn’t a huge pet blogging community or if there is I haven’t heard of it but I do like to talk about Rocky every now and again. Managing his hair is a problem but we have come up with a few necessary solutions which do seem to make a difference.

  1. Brush the hell out of it
    A dog with hair like Rocky’s (his breed is unknown to us because he’s a rescue dog) need brushing regularly.  I can shamefully say he’s had a dreadlock or two in his life! Now we have a probably really irritating and painful wire brush which we try to use at least twice a week – more frequently if he’s being nice (it does happen).
  2. Wooden Floors
    We rent so don’t have a choice in terms of the flooring we have BUT the last two houses we’ve rented no carpets downstairs has been on my list of must-haves – carpets and Rocky are not worth the stress involved!
  3. Vacuum all the time
    Even without carpets we realistically need to vacuum every day, he is THAT hairy. Realistically this doesn’t happen but we have invested in a really powerful vacuum cleaner that is specifically built to handle pet hair (and dander although I’ve never quite worked out what that means) to ensure when we do the job (every other day seems to be the norm) it’s done properly.
  4. Dry Dog Shampoo
    I can’t stress how awesome dry dog shampoo is – a dog the size of Rocky is hard to wash and a dog the size of Rocky generates A LOT of dog stink! Dry shampoo is the answer! Obviously he does get showered with the hose but it’s not always practical and the dry shampoo really is magical!

He’s not the easiest of pets and still has to live behind his room divider due to his crushing and knocking children over habits but he’s still quite awesome!



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