Money and Me

Money is one of those things you’re not supposed to talk about. Things like salary and profits and everything else are taboo and you’re supposed to shut up and just get on with things. Well, that’s the way I see things and the impression I get when I decide I’m having a conversation about money.

Money PigI am honest when it comes to money, I’m bad with it, I know this which is why I try really hard to be more controlled. Being bad with money doesn’t go hand in hand with being self-employed very well but it could be worse. I have to make sure the MUST PAYS are paid the second cash comes in or it’ll be eaten up by the not-so must pays.

I find budgeting really hard, my monthly income has been known to very +/-£2000 so it is difficult. I am trying harder though. With the help of some awesome spreadsheet masterminds (Mummy makes Cakes and budgeting genius RedHead Babyled) I have a small system in place. It is small but it’s working for me, it’s not ideal but it means I can manage a little better. Money isn’t a problem for us as such but there’s a lot of balancing that goes on which I suppose most people can relate to!

There is no steady,set income in this household. Both mine and his income’s are variable and always subject to change. Some weeks we could theoretically splash out and buy a brand new television (we don’t do that every other week though) and other times I’m bitching because we’re out of light bulbs and haven’t got any cash to buy any. It’s a good job we usually buy energy savers so perhaps I haven’t chosen the best analogy there!

This sounds awful doesn’t it? Hence the need for the above system which is making things better. I am a stickler for impulse buying but am trying to employ the technique of stepping away and never clicking BUY NOW immediately. Often I end up not going back but I’m not going to lie – sometimes I do. I cannot help but spoil my girls sometimes – it’s not like I buy them things and then don’t pay the bills,.

Some people say to me if you have to budget you just do but that isn’t necessarily true. We have been in worse financial positions in the past and we’ve still struggled. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me but I’m trying.

Any tips are always appreciated. How do you budget? Are you a spreadsheet champion? Do you think it’s harder if you’re self-employed?



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