I’ve been meaning to go the the Baltic Arts & Crafts Fair at Camp and Furnace for ages – mainly because I rarely venture down that end of town and I was made aware of it after buying some awesome prints from Becka Griffin Illustration thanks to The Doodologist‘s Facebook status. See, Facebook does have its uses. So yes, yesterday we finally went.

Camp and Furnace, before I start, is amazing, I don’t know what I was expecting (after nearly getting lost and burning to death) but it was ultimately cooler than I’d thought it would be. We had a wander about and had a look at all the stalls…Mum came and bought a pendant from Aims Designs whilst I bought my eldest girl a knitted rabbit thing she’d demanded from GorgeousStuff (apologies I couldn’t find a link). It was also lovely to meet Tracy from Indigo Stitch! I saw all her lovely little babuschka lavender dolls and thought hang on a minute and then she recognised me from Twitter and said so. In my usual fashion I wouldn’t have been able to say anything if she hadn’t said it first so am glad she did! On a second walk around after a drink I did try and hand over my baby but then realised that’s not really how parents are supposed to act :p.

There was live music too from loads of boys with guitars, or whilst we were there that’s what we saw. On of them played Hey Ho by The Lumineers which smallest loves when I sing it to her (god knows why) so that was most awesome.

We shall be back, with more money…