The Canterbury Toy Shop

We were lucky enough to be given the chance to enjoy a surprise parcel of toys from The Canterbury Toy Shop and it appears both girls are more than happy with the treats we received!

Our parcel arrived by courier and as my big girl was at nursery I started by introducing the baby to our two gifts. First up was super sweet Lucinda. I don’t know if the toy shop folk knew but I have a cuddly loving baby this time. Biggest was never mad crazy about cuddly toys, she still isn’t really but the little one loves them as you can tell from when she met Lucinda.

Lucinda Doll

The great thing about Lucinda is that she’s hand-knitted without a pattern so 100% unique, no one else will have one exactly the same. I love things like that, the girls probably isn’t bothered but she loves playing with Lucinda’s eyes and hair.

Of course when biggest did come home this happened and she also insisted on taking ‘MINES dolly’ to bed with her where she read her a story!

Lucinda Doll 2Our second lovely gift was more suited to biggest but I thought I’d see what the baby did first. The “Hello It’s Me!” Puzzle is bright, interactive and my big girl has not stopped since I showed it to her.

As I said in my last post she’s has only recently started showing any interest in puzzles and this one is great. We’ve introduced new words (“Heart”) and scale “Find the big circle”, “Find the little circle” and she seems to absolutely love it and names every shape as she puts them in her respective holes. I’m well impressed and didn’t know she could do that so I’m happy – many more puzzles in the pipeline for this one!

Puzzle PlayTaking a quick look at The Canterbury Toy Shop website I could see that both products were fantastic value and now I know about the shop I’ll keep them in mind for future purchases. It’s likely we’re going to need another Lucinda anyway before a fight breaks out!

I’ve also got some great news for your reader-y types (anyone out there?). The lovely owner of The Canterbury Toy Shop has given me a discount code that you can all use for 10% off a purchase from the shop! The code is PLASTICROSARIES and you can use it until 31st July! Enjoy! 

I absolutely love traditional toys and would always choose something wooden and classic over a plastic alternative. The toys from this store all look beautifully made and there’s a fantastic range to choose from. I reckon we’ll be back at birthday time.