Full-Time Mama + Work-at-Homer with Partner-in-Catering does Bank Holiday #BEDM

So yes, the title of this post makes it quite clear what bank holidays mean to me! I’m not going to dwell negatively because I generally just treat them like any other day and it’s a circumstance of our lifestyle that they’re nothing special. What I will do is use this post to talk about all the good shit that may be about to happen and how it could change things up a little.

For our Bank Holiday today Andy is working from 12pm until 11pm which means he’ll be home after midnight, I have a couple of smaller jobs to tie up and I also have both girls home. Pretty much the same as any weekend day really. The magic plan of the day is to either engineer a joint nap time, which Lottie is usually resistant to or engineer a bed time in the cot, which Lottie is really resistant to. I’m making her sound awful, she’s not, she’s beautiful and lovely but very awake.

Bank Holidays will probably always be like this (until nap times are over) but the rest of our lives should be changing a fair bit soon and it should be absolutely amazing. Andy has always worked those sort of shifts since we’ve been together, it’s often meant leaving after barely saying ‘Morning’ to the girls and coming back when both (well, at least the biggun) is in her bed. His newest job though is a revelation, it’s still in catering, he’s still a Kitchen Manager BUT the hours should always fall between 9.30am and 6pm.  It sounds magical and unfeasible but it is true!

This is a complete change of how we’ve always lived, he’ll be home at almost every bed time and there is scope for eating meals AS A FAMILY before bed time too.

I don’t really know what this has to do with bank holidays but it does mean I might hate them a little less as we still get plenty of other time together.

Woo and that!


  • lonestarsky commented on May 6, 2013 Reply

    Ha ha, good luck with engineering the nap times! Andy’s new shift times sound good, it’ll be great for you all to get more family time while the children are still so young :) x

    • plasticrosaries commented on May 6, 2013 Reply

      It isn’t happening – I don’t understand how my baby isn’t tired! Gah x

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