Blog Every Day in May badge

As my shiny new sidebar button suggests I am signed up to Blog Every Day in May with the wonderful Elizabeth at Rosalilium. My main motive for signing up is basically that I’ve let my blog DIE over April and I am attempting to rejuvenate it and get myself inspired again – I’ve also overcome a ridiculously huge work mountain so it’s about time I made time for other things that aren’t related to working all the time. There’s a whole calendar of themes and I’m hoping to get thoroughly stuck into most and really get back into this. Hopefully a couple of people might give it a read too.

Yes, I am still sat at my computer but it’s for my own fun for once.

Anyway, it looks like there are over NINETY bloggers getting involved with this fantastic idea so I’ll be scrolling through as many as possible and getting to know some new bloggers too which will be awesome.

Hopefully I shall be fully inspired and continue blogging every day ad infinitum!